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Thread: Waterfall scene

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    Waterfall scene

    Project omega(just recently named) is just one scene, if not only 1 shot of a pivot animation I plan on making, maybe a long time away from now or possibly never lol. It will be the biggest shot ever attempted (im pretty sure) in pivot. Heres my reference picture of the scene.

    http://www.filecram.com/files/864au-mil ... jungle.jpg

    Now, I need some ideas on how to make this, I can definitely handle the rocks and the solid parts of the waterfall, but im rubbish at water effects(ill get better)So any ideas on how to go about this?

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    It's not possible to pull it off well in pivot.. it would be hard in Flash, and the only person I've saw pull it off is Adam Phillips, who use too work for Disney.
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