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    Where are the darkdemon stk packs that used to be here.

    hey I havent been here for A long long time and I remember there used to be some very good stk packs here. I think there was like 3 of them. Does anyone have a link to them or something. Thank you

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    seeing as you only have 1 post, this one, im not actually willing to help out =/
    i dont know where they are, but you could try the Stk Packs section on http://www.Droidz.org , if you cant find them there, theres millions of good stks anyway. Be sure to check the old and New sections though, the pack might be in the Old section.
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    Yeah, http://www.droidz.org has way better stk packs Try there. If not download Sir wojaks stkpack.


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