The name says it all./
You have to wait for the joint to end to ask to doa joint with me!!

Joint lists:
name: Level: finished:
hiimbob high begginer done mah part
gameslave high inter (now moved up too vet!!) done mah part
picto low-med vet (o.o) done mah part

Check my thread to see the joints

all I need to do is do a joint with an elite!!
Ill be one of the few begginers whohas done a joint with a begginer, a inter, thena vet!!

Any elites wanna sighn up?Lol.
Wiat unti I get done my part with gameslave
then I have to finish the one with picto.

Game Slave has been moved up to vet!!!

Extra info on me:
This may persuade you to do a joint with me:
My mentor: Buzz (oooooooohhh)
fav stk makers:
good at:
som effects, fighing and sakting

need to work on:
only a bit more before I qonqer stiffness.