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Thread: custom sticks?

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    custom sticks?

    im newer to pivot but not a total newblet i know how to use it and how to make smooth and every thing but what i really need is some costomized stick figures because im to lazy to make my own and well the ones they give you kind of suck... well cant say that my stupid custom one was any better but if there is and stick packs or any thing could you send me a link or the .stks them selves please and thank you in advance

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    well, you can go to the groups, documents:sticks. groups.msn.com/pivotanimation or go to http://www.darkdemon.org and go to the downloads section.

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    bert has just made a new tut on creating custom sticks, it might help.
    (its in the tutorials section of the forum)

    if that doesnt help you could just dowload them from http://www.darkdemon.org 's download section

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