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    should i add feet to this guy or is he ok

    Should i add feet to this guy
    Sorry for bein gay on this site b4 Im sry

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    Re: should i add feet to this guy or is he ok

    I'm requesting a move... Post your animations in the beginners 1 or 2 to get rated... if you just want to show off, post in the freestyle...


    i'm requesting a move plz?
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    Re: should i add feet to this guy or is he ok

    yeah this should be in beginners hall 1 or 2, anyway yes it should have feet. low beginner work on stiffness, easing, physics and effects
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    Re: should i add feet to this guy or is he ok

    Seriously, stop with the idiotic posts and all Joesmama or whatever your name is...they are getting really annoying and I'm about to warn you for them which could result in a ban...don't post animations in Pivot Chat, they go in Beginner's Hall, in one topic..not thousands....
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