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    Jinja makez me horny yalol

    My inspiration: Ghost fight

    ok i dont know if this should be posted here but meh...

    this is kinda a weird question but....
    where did all you elites and vets get your inspiration from?
    and how long did it take you to get as good as you are?

    i got my inspiration from "Ghost Fight" the really awesome animation that EVERYBODY has seen......
    ive been working at my ani and easing for months and im still crap at it

    also any tips would be good....

    if ive vioalated any rules dont hesistate to move or lock.....
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    Re: My inspiration: Ghost fight

    im not elite nor veteran
    and o got my inspiration from the animation called "xiao xiao series" its a great a ani. i learned there the stick moves, " and of course "unglued serieas" & "pink army"

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    Re: My inspiration: Ghost fight

    I wonder if I inspire people when I lock useless threads...


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