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Thread: Pivot Games

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    Pivot Games

    (Is this supposed to be in the Pivot Orginizations? If so, please move it there.)

    Hey, it's meh. I came up with an idea to make a competition for the most original plot, stick figure, and theme. Whoever would win would get a game made about the character and story from their animation. Eghh, I'll clarify.

    This is a competition. Whoever makes the most original/weird animation gets a game made about their animation.

    -Animations must be at least 10 seconds long.
    -Try to make the animation as different from others as possible
    -All animations are due on November 5th.

    The animations will be judged depending on:
    -How well animated the animations are
    -How distinguishable the animations/characters are
    -How descriptive the animation is

    To join, just ask to be in, and you will be added to the list below with a link to your animation.

    People in the collab:
    -None lulz
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    Yay, they're full grown now :3. I got another one, too.

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    Re: Pivot Games

    Who will make the game, you?

    This will fail, I'm sorry.


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