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    Golden Sun Psyenergy Pack

    Golden sun psyenergy pack

    The first action is called Move, that you gain in golden sun when you fail to win against Saturos and Menardi in the beginning, or in golden sun lost age you get it when felix has lit the lighthouse.

    The second action is called Pound, and you recieve it farther in the game/games.

    Should i add more?

    No download for now, maybe later.

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    Re: Golden Sun Psyenergy Pack

    Why should we download? It are just sloppy circles. Im sorry, but this doesnt look too great. Why not make the characters from Golden Sun? You could make pretty detailed sticks out of 'em. Just like crono's kratos stick.
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    Re: Golden Sun Psyenergy Pack

    Golden Sun is the fucking shit.

    You're awesome for making this pack.

    Maybe try again, and put a bit more effort.

    But I like it, nonetheless.
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