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Thread: Sig Bases

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    Sig Bases

    Do not rank these animations. They may be 1 day recent. They may be 1 month old.

    Whilst I have been animating with Pivot, I have only ever made 2 Signiture Bases
    over the period of time.

    My first Signiture Base was a lanky but still thick sort of design.
    I hate the origional base design, with the filled head and the shortish stubby look.
    I do like the lanky and thinner type bases. This was the first base I had ever made,
    and probably amongst one of the first sticks I had ever made. I used it for about a month.

    Here it is in demonstration:

    My second Signiture Base was a more SharpShooter Base type look/design.
    It was basically customised.
    I love how lanky and thin this one is. It's more of my style.
    The different toned head is (in my opinion) a "nice artistic touch". It gives more
    colour to the animation.
    I made this almost a month ago.

    My current Signiture Base in use:

    Yeh... I just felt like showing you my awesomeness...
    Tell me what you think of the bases. If you like my style, just ask in your comment,
    and if I have the time, I would be happy to make you one of the same type of design.

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    Re: Sig Bases

    Even though they may be your signatures, they belong in the Base Thread...
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