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Thread: Well...........

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    Sup Everbody.....Now i know my Count sucks and shit right. Post count that is, But im actually planning on becoming a Vip once my card is payed off -_- Long story lol. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but are there any Vet's or atleast a Better pivoteer then me that's willing to mentor me? Im Quite sure this comes up way to often and some of you guys get bugged out the ass about this same subject but im actually taking this pivot thing really serious......Id Appreciate the help so much.

    Edit: Also Please Feel free to check out my Beam Anim when you get a chance. id love everyone's opinion.....And i have a question at that........Ive been told that Open head Stick's Suck. Is there a Thread stating why this is? Or is there anyone willing to tell me. Because the Stick i use was made for me. And of Course i really like my stick with the spikes...........So if there really is Something wrong with him id really appreciate someone telling me. And if so. How i can fix it without trashing him

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    Re: Well...........

    also theres a mentor request thread >_>
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    Re: Well...........

    Evenin' - PM?


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