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    Post your hoverboard animations

    well as you might know, im hosting the hoverboard collab at the moment,
    and recently i have had about 2 people drop out, and were nearing to the deadline..

    A few people have turned their anims in, but i have a few people that havnt,
    and im wondering if they are planning on dropping out too.

    so anyway, i really dont want this collab to be a fail, and im trying my hardest,
    so i was wondering... anybody inters border + with an animation that has a hoverboard included in the animation, please post it on this thread for me to include into the collab.

    it doesnt have to be recent.
    but it does have to be interz border + , and it has to have a hoverboard
    included somewhere in the animation.

    thanks guys.
    im allowed to post this here right?

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    Re: Post your hoverboard animations

    Im not inters. Not even borderline. But i have tried fev times with hover board. If i can. Then can i even try to make part for this? You dont need to accept it to collab. If you want to see how good i am check sig. And i must say check the new ones okay?
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    Re: Post your hoverboard animations


    Post it in the actual thread, dont make a whole new thread for it.


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