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    Storyline thread.

    Post upcoming animation storylines here.
    For me:

    Man turns off light and walks to bed. Something darts past his window. He goes outside to check and someone stabs him. Police arrive and see the killer speed away. They chase but lose him. Then main character gets knocked down by him. They fight. Good guy wins but bad guy retreats. Tbc

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    Re: Storyline thread.

    Some guy walks down the street and the wind throws some papers at him, one of this papers has a ticket to participate in a fighting tournament, the prize is <introduce huge number here> dollars. He starts running for the dojo where this contest is being held, he fights, he wins, but he fails at last round. End of story.

    Now that I look at it, the beggining feels like Saphire HCG(or w/e) entry.

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    Re: Storyline thread.

    I always write these but never follow through
    but dont copy the first one as im going to finish

    1. A man hears a knock at the door, he looks through the keyhole to an sees a swat team on the other side with the leader also looking through the keyhole. Then he whips out a uzi and shoots through the keyhole, The camera zooms in on the leader as half his head is blown of in slo mo. Then the main character jumps behind his sofa and fires some more through the door at the swat then he looks around and noticec a cooker so rips of the gas pipe the swat break through just as he is on the windowledge with a zippo in his hand he throws it and the camera zooms in on an outside shot of the building exploding with him in mid jump

    2. A man is walking through the woods when he is attacked he picks up a branch, snaps it in half and fights with it
    sorry for bad grammer got bored of checking for it i could of put more detail in but...yeah

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    Re: Storyline thread.

    isn't this as the ideas thread?
    1: a guy is sleeping in a couch when another guy enters the room, it walks and hits a lamp, the guy wakes up and punches the other guy, then the other guy kicks the first guy and throws it trough the window, down the window there's a van, the first guy wakes and picks up the van, which is the second guy's van...
    needs ending
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    Re: Storyline thread.

    We already have a thread like this,.
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    Re: Storyline thread.


    No need for two, right?


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