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Thread: Rank Up

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    Rank Up

    Could Some one tell me how to rank up.
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    Re: Rank Up

    You currently can't since BBODD is going on, but it'll end soon and you'll have the chance again, at which point you rank up if the rank team believes you're worthy.

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    Re: Rank Up

    First of all, welcome to DarkDemon! You will automatically start off as a beginner. The way to rank up is quite simple, but takes time and improvement. Start off by visiting the beginner forum here. There, you want to create a new topic, titled as your "thread". A thread is basically a page where you post new animations after you create them. You want to edit the front page of it when you have new animations, and people will comment on your thread with what's good/bad, and how to improve. If you take these comments and put it to work, you can get much better, and continue updating your thread. Eventually (and hopefully) you will get to a certain point where you are recognized by the rank team and you will have your thread moved into the intermediate section! Good luck!
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    Re: Rank Up

    Question should be answered now. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask someone.

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