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    What I took away from DDC11

    First off, I hope this is the right way to go about posting this.

    I in no way intend to insult, offend, or otherwise upset anyone by making this post

    Alright, so I recently came back from a long streak of inactivity, mostly just to see if I could get a reaction for my finally turning 18. That was a few days ago, and I found myself revisiting these delicious forums again and again over the last few days. Today I explored the news section. Among my heart cringing when I read that Adam retired, reading all the staff changes to see who I remembered, and laughing when the newest member was our new webmaster, I came across the latest installment of the ever-famed DarkDemon Collabs. I was thrilled.

    Being that I'm a few years removed from pivot animation I don't really have much to compare to, but the motion and skill shown in the majority of the animations involved were brilliant. Truly fantastic, everything just fit together. My personal favorite had to have been Olix's. Good show, chap.

    As I watched the 13 minute long extravaganza I found a few faults slipping into my mind. Among the forever-present lack of fighting originality, and amount of impossible-to-not-recycle effects, the biggest fault I could find grew more and more present.

    The lack of fluid scenes. Especially on the front end of the collab, many of the animations were well animated, but were scene wise, very blocky. Everything was a cut scene. Everything was divided by a quick cut and fad to black, then fade back in. As a viewer, that took a lot away from my appreciation for the skill displayed in the animation shown. Camera movement isn't as prevalent a thing as I came to expect and it raised a few questions for me.

    Again, being that I'm a few years out of animating I don't remember too much about exactly how things were done before, nor do I ever remember camera movement being a focus of mine when I animated (although I never made it past intermediate level animation). I'm largely curious if anyone has given any acknowledgement to the idea of eliminating the two second-long scenes in a thirty second-long animation. It may be unavoidable, I don't know, but if it is I think that a lot of the animations could have truly flourished in the whole picture of the collaboration.

    I hope to spark some conversation and I hope no one thinks I'm too far gone from animation to be taken seriously. Thanks for taking the time to read what was on my mind.
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    Re: What I took away from DDC11

    Why did you need to share your opinion about this?

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    Re: What I took away from DDC11

    With all do respect, the DDC11 topic is still open. I don't see why this post would deserve its own thread.

    Feel free to discuss the DDC11 here all you want.



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