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Thread: Arm Wars

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    Arm Wars

    Arm Warz isn't really the name of this series.
    This is a little story thingy I made up, im not planning on animating this, I just thought of this and wanted to get it out there.

    [center:351ou1ik]Arm Wars[/center:351ou1ik]

    Arm Wars is about 3 armies, but 1 of them was wiped out, its because they were a real threat, so now its 2 armies competing for a legendary item that gives them a huge advantage in the war, but it takes alot of blood sweat and guts to get there.
    So let me introduce you to the armies.
    (these aren't the offical names)

    [center:351ou1ik]Wrist Guys[/center:351ou1ik]
    These guys have watches, wrist bands, any thing that you put on your wrist.

    Lets use a watch, you press two buttons on the watch and KABLAM.
    It turns into this thing, and from there you can summon your weapon.

    When I say "summon your weapon" I mean your one and only spirit weapon that you like the most, it comes out of the little red hole.

    This guys spirit weapon is a spiky shield.

    [center:351ou1ik]Glove Dudes[/center:351ou1ik]

    These guys are the army that got wiped out by the next army because they thought they were too big off a threat.

    So these guys have rings.

    Just Twist the ring enough and it grows you some gloves.

    These gloves are special, they can bend any metal to any sword, but it can be big metal, like a building.
    They were wiped out because this next army was jealous.

    [center:351ou1ik]Muscles [/center:351ou1ik]

    I call these guys muscles because they are big dudes.
    These guys thought the ring peps are too big of a threat so they planned a big attack and killed all of them, now only 1 ring guy is left.
    These guys carry some arm bands around there huge biceps

    To activate those guns, you have to flex your biceps like you were showing them off, then kiss them, and then they will activate.

    These babies are guns, literally, they summon huge cannons that shoot lazers, or a cannon.

    So those are the three armies, So since the glove army got wiped out, the king of the gloves didnt want the special gloves to fall into the wrong hands, so he sealed the special material to make the gloves underground in a indestructible box. The box can only be unlocked when 8 special keys have been gathered and put together to make the one key that can unlock the box, so the two armies left are fighting over the keys and to get the material to make the gloves so that they can have the advantage in the war. The Wrist band people want to use it for good, and the muscles people want to use them for evil.

    Im never gonna animate this I just wanted to get this idea out there.

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    Re: Arm Wars

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