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Thread: Inspiration?

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    This isn't really intended as a "where to find inspiration" thread, but more as a discussion.

    For a while, before I moved several years ago, I loved animation. I had all these ideas and it was just great fun. I had this overpowering need to create. Something, anything, just to create. This came out in the forms of animation and, oddly enough, forge on Halo 3. But mostly pivot. Then I moved, from a place I was very happy, to here. Since then I've been having some mental issues and although I try animating sometimes, I mostly end up loathing it. Which I hate, since it used to be so much fun and I used to be so passionate about it.

    Im not sure if that's related to inspiration, but what I'd like to talk about is that need to create. It's what I call inspiration at least. But in any case, I'd like to talk about where it comes from. Not just music and movies and things like that... But things like friends and family that are seemingly unrelated as well.

    So discuss. Ready. Go!

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    Re: Inspiration?

    well to point out, sometimes my best animations weren't the ones I enjoyed most, what I enjoyed was the effort I made to make it, I can then say to myself "I made that, and I feel proud" and that's enough motivation for to finish an animation, to imagine how great it would look when it's finished. Now you're asking about enjoyment.
    Well, I personally think that since my family already know about dd and pivot and all that stuff, since I share it with them, it gives me another outlet, many a time I have created a terrible animation that I made while my parents/brothers/friends were watching, but no one really minds, when I know someone is watching and giving the courtesy to pay attention to my interests (I'm really the only one around me who uses pivot) already makes me feel happy, that what I'm doing isn't for nothing, the enjoyment is there and I feel best when animating with others around me. However, when I hit inspiration, my usual thought is what will the dd people think? when I hit inspiration to make a really good animation, not only is me looking forward to the outcome my inspiration, but also what the people of this community think, not even many people reply to my animations, but the fact that I know people have seen and thought about the animation, makes me happy.

    edit: I think this was a pretty good discussion.

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    Re: Inspiration?

    ^ Locked.


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