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    DD FFA Results Thread

    Okay, well since the Staff vs. Regulars competition is currently ongoing; I have decided to do the results in a separate topic to keep everyone up to date. All the entries will be listed below for the viewers to see why they won Round 1.

    Flacid: user-files/15293/1359927721.piv
    Mitch: user-files/27532/1362024178.piv

    These two were the only entrants meaning everyone else was DQ'd for not submitting an entry.
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    Re: DD FFA Results Thread

    Congratulations on being the only entries of the competition. I liked both your entries, and I'll give a tiny description on about them both.

    I loved the style, very great (Pretty lengthy too) animation! You animated the fighting very well, and I'm pretty impressed. The most interesting part was definitely when the black base turned the screen black and froze your base. The rapid 4 or 5 punches were nicely done and very powerful, however the last uppercut attack was way too slow and weak for the reaction to end like that. Anywho, I loved how your base started fialing his sword and the black base was dodging it in 3D! The next bits after that were all great, I think you could of stylized the blue beam effect your base did though, it was just a transparent circle, rather boring to watch and easy to animate, however I know that wasn't your main focus. Great cinematic at the end where he held the sword directly at his throat, brutal finish. The blood in the end however, was pretty bad and simple
    Overall very entertaining, great work!

    I loved yours, the fighting was superb and you used some very original creative combos to compliment with the fighting. The style was so precise and simple, yet effective. Also, the 24 fps is coming along nicely, you're great with that fps now. My favourite bit is when the guy threw dirt in the other guys face at the end, that was awesome haha. Also that ending was awesome, reminded me of a video game where everything just freezes and says 'You've won'.
    Some of the movements were off in it, nothing in particular was bad, but some of the attacks were spaced incorrectly and some reaactions didn't match the attack, but yeah nothing worth crying about.
    fantastic entry! Very entertaining.

    Both of you guys well, and I wish you luck in the final round of the FFA.
    Also, good luck on your Staff vs Regular joints/solo animations too!

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    Re: DD FFA Results Thread

    Fucking hell Mitchez that was all perfect man, reactions and everything..


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