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    Suggestions for .STKs.

    I'm making a big .STK pack. Its a weapons pack. It includes anti-material rifles, assault rifles, battle rifles, launchers, light machine guns, machine pistols, pistols, sniper rifles, and sub-machine guns.

    There are going to be several versions, and large updates with new weapons and themes, like zombies and Russia.

    I've already started the first version of anti-material rifles, machine pistols, pistols, and sub-machine guns.

    What I want is for people to suggest weapons they would want in the pack, more categories of weapons (maybe like knives or grenades) or maybe what updates you'd like to see to the pack.

    And, if you have any .STKs that maybe you'd like to donate to the pack, email it to me by clicking here. I can't guarantee I'll use them, they'd have to be pretty good.

    Here's a preview of what I've done with the pack so far. The pack is v0.3.1, so its far from being finished.

    I'm working on making the curves and triggers more realistic. Even though that in Pivot they look more natural.

    And when I finish the pack, I'll make a new post in this thread with the download link.


    - Neil
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