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    something thats a HUGE thing im getting sick about pivot and stykz

    so guys have u ever noticed u have all been using pivot and stykz with only one thing thats bugging me :T

    we have been using stick figures all this time in our pivot and stykz careers u can do better guys seriously u beginners and above u can make more advanced stick figures rather than the basic old stick even if it is goku or others they all look like a stick figures im just suggesting u should add more colors make it more human and realistic rather than the same color stick figure seriously its getting repetetive for me now im using fullbody stick like figures that actualy looks more human than one color stick figures that still looks like stick figures so yeah i might taking this too far but u guys have been drowning urselves with figures with one colour stickfigures for a long time think about it

    btw im going insane and i am his inner head so yeah ~ Eduardo

    shaddup u Eduardo >:I ~ spiral

    ah im going to make some new figures that is not one colour stick figures so stressed my school is over and im going nuts over my final school grades until high school

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    A thread about this was unnecessary.


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