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    Submit your .stk to be included in Stick Nodes

    Hey everyone.

    For those that don't know, I'm the developer of the soon-to-be-released app, Stick Nodes. The beta just went live and I'm currently wrapping up development for the official release in a few days. However, I need just one last thing...

    I want to include some stickfigures in the /stickfigures/ folder of Stick Nodes by default when its installed. I currently have a few created by myself and some beta testers, but would like to increase the library a little. This is where you guys come in.

    If you have a Pivot .stk (version 2.2.7 or earlier, use Pivot 4 to down-save any .stks later than that) that you really like, please link it here and I'll ship it with the official release of Stick Nodes. Everyone who downloads the app will have your stickfigure available to them by default. You will be credited in a .txt file included with the app in the /stickfigures/ folder.

    1. The stickfigure has to be your own creation, don't submit someone else's.
    2. Again, I can only accept .stks made with Pivot 2.2.7 or earlier, use Pivot 4 to down-save any later-versioned .stks.
    3. If you want, you can download the beta of Stick Nodes yourself, import your .stk file, and modify it with the available tools (new shapes, individual segment color, etc), save it, and then submit that.
    4. If the .stk you submit would benefit from it, I may add some color to spice it up a bit (Stick Nodes allows for individually-colored segments).

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    are multi-segment stks okay?

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