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    funimationn(updated)(from pa )

    this is a collab of funny clip of animation
    i will add sound and make it as .avi and also one in .gif

    640x360 resolution
    only.piv file
    should be a funny one
    not to exceed 2 min
    u can give as many clips as possible
    all paticipant name will be written with fame at the end as credit
    reply this post to join
    u can give the url of the .piv in that post
    should be in fps 18

    participants till now
    sifter - created an anim
    moldis -created an anim
    samuelpivot - created 2 aniims
    nayankshitz - created 2 anims
    alpha-took some of his old 3 anims

    maximum limit 15 min animation

    i will update this every day and get the collab result ASAP

    things done till now
    credit (avi is ready but gif is done)will add name is more contestant arrives
    intro (avi is ready and gif also)
    animations - 8

    orignal link -http://www.pivotanimation.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=9305&p=125579#p125579

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    come if are of pa i will give u 500 pp if its the best entry
    and if here and ur is the best entry i will make a spl are to show ur anim in collab


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