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Thread: i need a mentor

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    i need a mentor

    i need a mentor who is good in drawing 3d and 2d;............cauz i am this crap in drawing that i made a good cloud in 3 days so thats my fault
    so i need some who can teach me 3d 2d drawings

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    I think "practise" should be your mentor !

    a mentor can give you tips and advices but he canīt substitude exercise and experience which are the main factors to become faster.
    the most difficult thing is to bear up the time while one suck and maintain the Patience to practise consistently.
    I have made the mistake and read and watch allot of tutorials ( as mentor substitude) and never practise, and as result I wasnīt better then month ago,
    but now i try to practise every day and i become better and better, although I am years away from my aim skills

    maybe this is interessting for you, too


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