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    Pivot XNA Game: Animations request

    Dear fellows from darkdemon.org,

    I'm a computer science student and I'm going to create an XNA game for my C# project. The time limit is three weeks from now and still have lots to learn. I wanted to create some animations with pivot for my game, but it would take me too long to create all of these. So here's my request: Can you guys make some awesome looping animations for my game? Your name will be in the credits and I will post the final result. Also, you will be much appreciated.

    Here's a list of animations are necessary and which are nice to have:

    - Standing animation
    - Walking animation
    - Running animation
    - Mid-air animation
    - Enemy walking animation
    - Enemy striking animation

    Want for the awesomeness:
    - Stand-to-Walk animation
    - Walk-to-Stand animation
    - Stand-to-Run animation
    - Run-to-Stand animation
    - Jump animation
    - Landing animation
    - Maybe some combos if you guys have the time

    Info about the game:

    I want to make a combination of a 2D platformer and a tower defense game. The player can buy soldiers, walls and turrets to defend a certain building. The player can fight alongside the soldiers as they battle throughout the waves (which means that the player can not only upgrade his solders or buildings, but himself as well). I will create multiple maps (around 3 or so) which the player can choose to fight on. Multiplayer splitscreen could be included (depends on the amount of time left). Also: I must include another API, so I could include some Facebook highscore upload.

    Progress so far:

    Upgrade 1:
    The tilemap and gravity engine are done already. I will try make to enemy spawning, health bars and attacking next week.
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    Didn't read about the 100 post rule before making this thread. I don't know how to lock it. Sorry for the trouble guys.


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