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    MrKorn's blood tut

    remember this is not my tut and all credit goes to MrKorn!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrkorn

    Ok to start with you will need the following stk's, or something along the lines of'em.

    base of blood




    Blood on floor


    Ok now you have made the stk's. When the bullet or object has hit the target make the blood, to do this make the start of the blood with stk. number 1 and then make the blood thinner as it expand outwards using stk. numbers 2 and 3. you obvsouly vary how many blood stks there are on the gore level of the animation that you are making, I have used loads just to make the tutorial more appealing to people.


    blood movement

    The next step is making your blood move. The movement of the blood depends on the posistioning of them.

    If a particle of blood is pointing upwards make it go straight up then gradualy fall, and increase its speed as it falls.

    Its the same with a particle of blood that is pointing downards except that it goes straight down.


    Blood hitting the floor

    When the blood hits the floor you use stk. number 4, which is the large circle.

    When it does hit the floor replace the straight line stk. with the circle stk. you can alter the size of the circle depending on the size of the blood particle.

    So say if stk. number one hit the floor I would make a large circle of blood. When there is already a puddle of blood and more blood hits it, just simply increase the size of the circle.



    piv file- http://pivothost.org/upload/xz5/1164590637.piv

    Pivot version 3 only sorry.

    I hoped this has helped the people that struggle with blood in pivot.

    I hope you enjoyed this tut.

    Bye bye!

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    so did MrKorn make that?... and if he did why are you posting it... But it looks helpfull. I'll try that

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    because it was on a different site and he said i could as long as i credited him

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    Your wasting space, lolz.

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