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    runing toutorial

    sorry werez i didnt now beginers couldnt do runing plus i think it is good personaly and that i did take ofence! ok this is my runing tut i hope ppl like it well here goes
    • well first open pivots and get ur stickmman ready a good starting position is this
    now u put one of the legs straight down under the stick man and make half of the stickmans other leg to be straight down and the other half straight left heres pic:
    • now you make one leg diagnle behind the stick man and botom of the stickmans leg to be artched slightly and other leg to be left nealy strait just a bit down and botom of his leg is dignale left down heres pic:
    few more frames to go. now this frame is a litle hard to exsplain so ll onionskin it heres pic:
    • now next frame nealy there.. the back leg goes up a litle bit and the front leg does the same heres pic:
    • now last fram the you repeat process.. the the front leg straightens a bit and goes down a litle bit and back leg move back a tiny tiny tiny litle bit then you repeat this process oh and heres pic:
    now repeat process and try and learn to do it
    • and please dont be to harsh its my first tut
    heres piv for all you studyers : http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/vern ... onffvo.piv
    • and if u dont want to download heres pic of finished product :
    and gif makes it go alot chopyier than in piv so look at piv

    Feel free to add me

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    ? ? ? ?
    DUDE no offfence
    but that seriously suck
    1. begginers cant make tuts !
    2 . theres plenty of run tuts.
    3 . everyones run is different.
    4. its choppy
    5. is he reatrded
    6. his arms should move.

    sorry to come down hard man but like this tut could only help aliens with legs , but the aliens dont know how to use them , so they can look at this and start having a fit trying to copy it.

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    Sorry man, but I'm going to lock this. Werez pretty muched said why. If you were to get a unique style, then make another tut, but for now, we have tons of running tuts.

    Thanks to werez for pointing this out.

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    umm bari you didnt lock it >_>
    Bari - Yeah, yeah...


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