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    Roy's blur tut, 52 k warning

    Welcome To Roy's Blur Tutorial


    1: Introduction
    I. What will you learn from this tutorial?
    II. All about blurs.

    2: Blurs made by pivot
    I. Introduction to the "The original blur".
    II. The "original blur".
    III. Special techniques for the "original blur".
    IV. Introduction to movement blurs.
    V. The "custom" movement blurs.
    VI. Other kinds of movement blurs.
    VII. How and when to use movement blurs.

    3:Other ways to make blurs in pivot
    I. Introduction to other ways to make blurs.
    II. Making blurs in imageready/ photoshop.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    I. You're all probably asking: "What is this tut for?". Well here's the answer to the question:
    This tutorial is for making a very nice and cool effect in your animations. I'm making a tutorial for this because a lot of people find it hard to make blurs in pivot.
    Hopefully after reading this tutorial you will know how to make blurs. Also this tutorial will make you see what blurs are good for. Some people will also find they have no patience for some kinds of blurs, and thats OK because I don't have the time and patience to make half of these blurs.

    II. All about blurs:

    Q: What is a blur you ask?
    A: well my dictionary says this:

    1. Fuzzy or indistinct image: something that cannot be seen clearly, for example, because it moves too quickly or because it is not distinctly remembered

    2. Smear or smeared area: a mark on something that makes it unclear, or an area of something that is unclear

    3. Make or become vague: to become less clear or distinct, or to make something such as an idea less clear or distinct

    4. Make or become fuzzy: to become fuzzy or unclear, or to make something such as somebodyís vision or an image on paper fuzzy or unclear

    What that means in general is that a "blur" is to make an image unfocused. This isn't the only blur in pivot though; there is also a "movement blur".

    What is this "movement blur" you ask?
    Well a "Movement Blur" is somewhat trailing sometimes, and sometimes it means to make the movement of a stick last longer, or look cooler in some animations. An example for a movement blur can be found in Justin's animations (Hereís the link to his animation thread: http://www.drownedbacon.com/forums/inde ... wtopic=839 ) or in Doddsy's animations.

    Examples to a movement blur:

    http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/demo ... s!9aol.piv

    The blur here was the trail when he kicked, that the general idea, But that animation wasn't so good.

    Another Example:

    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_450.piv

    Thatís a way better example. As you see the movement blur is a very cool effect.

    Chapter 2: Blurs made by pivot

    Q: What is the original blur?
    A: The original blur is the "regular" blur, the one that means: "unfocused picture".

    More about the "The Original Blur":
    This blur is used by making each stick lighter then the one before. That means that, lets say, you stk is black, the blur stks will go lighter until eventually the last stick will be almost white. This technique takes a long time to make if you use more then 3-4 stks, but I think it comes out really nicely.


    The way of making the original blur:
    What you do is: You make a thicker stk each blur. Like when I start, I thicken it 1, 2 times in the first frame of the blur. Then I thicken it 2, 3 times in the second frame. Then I thicken it 3, 2 times and 4 one time in the 3 frame. Now you take all the blurs down in 1-2 frames.

    This is how it came out to me:

    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_451.piv

    Frame 1: Jus' chillin' there.
    Frame 2: The blur starts. I Edit the stick figure and make it thicker by 1 and 2 every time (only 2 stks added).
    Frame 3: The same as above, only I thickened by 2 and 3 every time (and 3 sticks added).
    Frame 4: The same s the above just thickened by 3 and 4 every time (and 3 sticks added again).
    Frame 5: Here is where it starts to decrease, I deleted the last 4 sticks.
    Frame 6: Deleted 4 sticks here, leaving one stick.
    Frame 7: Deleted last last stick.
    Frames 8-10: just made him stand there.

    That may look easy as hell, but when your moving the stk, it becomes harder. This blur takes time, and patience, so be patient about it.

    Now when it moves it's harder, a lot harder. But what you do is simply put the dots in the same place. Don't try this blur in long animations, it'll be hard. But if you want a hard project, this is the way to make it hard.

    You want tips about it?
    OK. Well first off, when you make an animation with movement and you want to put this blur in it, don't put more then 4 sticks.
    There aren't a lot of techniques for this blur, because I made it. But once you start animating with it you'll see that you find techniques and ways to animate with it.

    Introduction to movement blurs
    This kind of blurs (unlike the one before) is used ONLY in movements, you can't use it with out movements. Most movement blurs are used with weapons, and sadly, no one is really using them now. Only some of the betters use it, but it's really much easier then what you think. O just started using movement blurs, and it's fun.

    There are several kinds of movement blurs. I am going to talk only about 3 of them, because I don't know any others. But, some poeple don't like some kinds of ways, so what you have to do is make your own blur style.

    The "custom made" movement blur
    About this style of blur:
    Why do I call this style the "custom made" movement blurs?
    Well it's because the stick doesn't look the same the whole time, they change shape and it's more freely used. It's a really cool style, but it's hard, and it needs patience.

    The way to use it:
    Well, you need to make a line with a lot of segments, like this:

    http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/demo ... ineygp.stk

    Here's the ani to show you how to use it:

    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_450.piv

    This is what happened there:
    Frame 1: The sword started to move, no trail yet.
    Frame 2: The sword moves a little more, still no trail.
    Frame 3: The sword moves in a larger amount now, a trail starts to appear.
    Frame 4: The sword moves even more and the trail stretches.
    Frame 5: The sword moves faster and the trail gets bigger.
    Frame 6: Here the sword slows down a little, the trail is just a little smaller. Following onion skin.
    Frame 7: Same as the above.
    Frame 8: The sword slows down and starts easing; the trail follows the onion skin and gets smaller.
    Frame 9: The sword has almost stopped all together; the trail is getting smaller.
    Frame 10: The sword has moved by just a little and it's the trails last frame.
    Frame 11: Bye bye trail and the sword moved by one pixel now.
    Frames 12-13: the sword doesn't move.

    Also, you put a stick colored white over the side of the blade that got blurred. And if the blade crosses over something/ someone, then put sticks in the movement blur.

    This blur is very cool with swords and defaults. When you animate with this blur always remember to use the onion skins and don't make the blur change sizes/ shapes in the middle of the animation.

    Other kinds of movement blur

    What other kinds of blurs are there you ask? Well there are plenty of them, you just have to find them. But I'm going to talk about 2 particular styles. One of them is what I call: "Solid trails/ blurs" And the other is called: "trailing".

    "Solid trails/ blurs"

    There are two of these blurs:
    One is used with circles, and the other is used when in turns/curves in a very fast movement.

    These are the 2 of them:

    This is the circle blur one, not that hard.

    The other one, pretty easy. Needs to be used with brains.

    First we shall work on the circle technique. This technique is pretty easy, and you can easily do it. What you do is make a trail the same thickness of the circle, a trail with a lot of segments.

    Here's what it would look like when the circle is going from one side to the other:

    http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/demo ... _5aq71.piv

    This is what happened there:

    Frame 1-2: The circle is fading into the screen.
    Frame 3: The circle is in the left side.
    Frame 4: The circle tarts moving, 1 pixel right now.
    Frame 5: The circle moves farther, increasing in speed.
    Frame 6: The circle moves farther, the trail starts right now, its small.
    Frame 7: The circle moves farther, and the trail starts getting bigger.
    Frame 8: The circle moves even farther and the trail is longer.
    Frame 9-10: The circle starts slowing and the trail becomes smaller.
    Frame 11: The circle is 2 frames from stopping, there is no tail right now.
    Frame 12: The circle is almost done moving.
    Frame 13: The circle is in the right side of the screen.

    That's fairly easy. Now you have to try that in other movements.

    Here is the other blur:

    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_459.piv

    This is fairly easy too. What you do is either make a blur stk in that shape ^^ or use the saber blur in the DD effect pack. I traced it from one of Terkoiz's flash's.

    Here's what happened:
    Frame 1: Just sits/stands there. Ready to do a complete circle.
    Frame 2: moves 1 pixel. No trail yet.
    Frame 3: The stick moves faster, but still no trail.
    Frame 4: The stick moves even farther, increasing in speed. Here the trail is starting, it's small now.
    Frame 5: Starting to move even faster. The trail is bigger.
    Frame 6: Here it moves very fast, and the trail is really big.
    Frame 7: Speed is the key now, and the trial is all over the stick now.
    Frame 8: Increases in speed, the trail is huge now.
    Frame 9-12: The stick decreases in speed, and the trail becomes smaller.
    Frame 13-14: The stick stops and there is no more trail.

    This blur is not complicated, it's pretty easy.


    Trailing is the normal trails you see in animations, like in Green giant's anis in DD. This kind of trails is one of the easier and faster made trails.


    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_460.piv

    REALLY easy. What you do is make a trail stk, like the one I made. This is how to do it: You make a line with a lot of segments really close to each other and every segment should be smaller then the one before.

    http://www.drownedbacon.com/puploads/db ... ad_461.piv

    The way to do that:
    Frame 1: The stick is in the left side of the window.
    Frame 2: The stick starts moving, just a pixel for now.
    Frame 3: The stick increases in speed.
    Frame 4: The stick is accelerating, and the trail joins. It's small right now.
    Frame 5-7: The stick is still accelerating, and the trail becomes bigger.
    Frame 8: The stick is starting to slow and the trail becomes slightly smaller.
    Frame 9-12: The stick is getting slower and the trail is getting smaller.
    Frame 13: The stick moves 1 pixel and the trail is gone.
    Frame 14: the stick is in the right side.

    Thats how I did it.

    VII. How and when to use movement blurs

    Q: When should I use the "original blur"?
    A: You should use the original blur when a heavy object hits something and/or when a hit is dealt. It might be annoying, But I think it would come out great for all of you who will take time in doing it.

    Q: How should I use the "Original blur"?
    A: You should make 3-4 sticks max, if you make more sticks it becomes annoying and not very useful. You might think it will come out too small, but it comes out in the right size.

    Q: When should I use movement blurs?
    A: You should use movement blurs only if the motion is really fast. Also, if it's fast enough to be used.

    Q: How should I use movement blurs?
    A: You should use movement blurs in patience and practice, your first blur won't be perfect. Also, always use onion skins for your blurs.

    Chapter 2:Other ways to make blurs in pivot

    I. Introduction to "Other ways to make blurs in pivot"

    Well, there are a lot of ways to make blurs in your animations, Like flash or imageready. What's important to remember is that this tut doesn't include all the ways to make blurs and that you should find your own ways too.

    (Imageready is a program that comes with photoshop)

    II. Making blurs in Imageready/Photoshop

    This way is not that hard.
    Here's what you do For a "Un-focusing effect":

    Open Imageready
    Go to [File-Open]
    Then find the animation you want to alter and double click it (You can use only the Gif.)
    Now, once your animation is ready: Go to the frame AND layer (also frame, but you have to select it to alter the frame). You will now see that frame before you.
    Now go to [Filters- Blur- Gaussian blur]
    Now select the Radius as what you think would be right.
    And there you got it.

    Here's what to do for a "movement blur":
    Open Imageready
    Go to [File-Open]
    Then find the animation you want to alter and double click it (You can use only the Gif.)
    Now, once your animation is ready: Go to the frame AND layer (also frame, but you have to select it to alter the frame). You will now see that frame before you.
    Now go to [Filter- Blur- Motion blur]
    Now select the angle and distance that looks right.
    And there you it is.

    Easy as 1-2-3

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    This tutorial is great!
    It explains everything so well, Except there is one this wrong. With the blur where you make new stick with different thicknesses, It should go in not out, the black guy should be the smallest and always infront of the rest, and the normal one will be the largest and will be on the outside a very light grey.

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    Amazing, helped me so much, Sticky please?
    My Thread


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    FUCKING STICKY THIS NOW. Some of these techniques I havn't used/know how to use well before. Now I know just about everything about blurring. Sure it's a big tut, but you even learn by scrolling down franticly. Great stuff Roy. Pistol is happy [/sigrip]
    [center:1dyohg2y]I miss everyone. [/center:1dyohg2y]

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    I didn't get whats the problem FD, but when I get it I'll fix it
    thanks all, I thought I wasgonna get a: this tut sucked". lmao :P About making this a sticky, I dunno, but you can put it in the master tut list

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    Don't sticky this FFS, make it in the master list but not sticky.
    Great tut, amazing explaination, and amazing tut.
    Good job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fraz
    Don't sticky this FFS, make it in the master list but not sticky.
    Great tut, amazing explaination, and amazing tut.
    Good job.
    dude this should be sticky. It rocks so hard. there are loads of different techniques he's explained.

    besides blurs are really good because it spices up animations.

    well done on making a great tut roy!

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    thanks guys, but I'm still waiting for a remark like this: "that sucks >_>" so I'll know it's good. yes it does matter, if I didn't get that remark, I would be in awe.

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    OMG THIS SUX. jk
    I agree with sticky, this is well explained and very cool. Perfect. +rep.

    No one rates your animations? Do you need help? Do you want to request something?
    PM me and I'll do my best to satisfy you.

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    there's a poll now >_>

    vote yes ^_^

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