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    Jun 2007
    in your car gettng tickets and things

    my kick-lots of pictures....

    hey this kick is very simple and good for begginers

    Shot at 2007-06-27

    1. first you need a decent figure type then start off with you charcter standing still [click the links to see wot the pivs look like

    then.......[first frame]
    the back leg needs to lift slightly while the front leg moves ever so slightly more straight.

    after that..........[second frame]
    move the back leg abit more then moving you charcters body back wards ever so slightly but moving your charaters fornt leg a bit more forward to make the character look like hes moving [sort of].

    once you've done that[3rd frame]
    move the back leg which is bent in front of the front leg which should be a bit starighter than[but still being bent] move the charcter forward slightly.

    straight after that [foruth frame]
    move the leg which was at the front straight then move the back leg upwards and making it straight to show the kick.
    copy this frame.
    this is the frame the finsih of the actual kick. all you have to do after that iz lower the leg frame by frame and push the once leg forward

    ok any comments questions...............stuff.............. lol

    p.s if you dont understand heres the tut in piv http://files-upload.com/328686/kick.piv.html BY THE WAY WAIT 25 SECONDS WHILE THE PAGE LAODS THE DOWNALOAD K........ this iz my first pivot tut!!!!!whooooo
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    courtesy please

    courtesy thread

    like to see some good sticks click this link- viewtopic.php?f=19&t=50041

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    Sep 2006
    wow not good, people at your level of animating shouldnt be making tutorials . sorry

    but man, this is teaching people how to make the stick UNBLIVABLY choppy, and stiff, and yeah, i think you should look at some tutorials your self, and maybe brush up on a few things before trying to help people.

    nice attempt though, sorry to come off rough

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    Snowy places owns Posts: 85923402
    Yeha you didn't love more the upper half of ur body..you trying doing a kick in real life without moving the upperhalf of your body.

    Well yeha sorry, bunch of kick tuts so this prolly isn't gonna make it.

    Thanks for the contribution but keep studying tuts before you make your own
    (XD I made the same mistake you should of seen my horrible walking tut =/)
    Cool pivot forum its becoming big
    http://z11.invisionfree.com/pivotjoint/ ... hp?act=idx

    Thread= http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=18262

    Thanks Kyle.

    Beginners thread Mar 11th 2007-July 5th-2007
    Inters thread July 5th 2007-

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    Enthusiast Kazza's Avatar

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    Jul 2006
    Well, guys, at least he's trying to contribute to the forum!

    And for that you get 1+ coo' point

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    Jan 2007
    New York
    Well, I'm glad to see that you made a tutorial, but it wasn't very good. The upper body didn't move at all, and it was really choppy and not eased.
    But still, you get +5 points in my book for the attempt.

    Ex-Intermediate Animator
    Ex-Photoshop Artist
    Ex-Virgin (LOL JKS)

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    Behind you.... with a knife
    you should work on stifness and easing... its ok if your a beg but a beg like you shouldent be making tutorials like this..i used to be like you practise makes perfect...
    anyone who knows how to do chain fighting plz tach me...pm me if you can teach me wait a sec did that make sense?
    I need a good name...Frozen Flame! or is it?


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    Re: my kick-lots of pictures....

    Son of a... threads are bumped way to often in tutorials.

    Please watch post dates when posting. A thread older than a week is not to be posted in.


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