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    Double Backwards Kick Tutorial (56k warning!)

    Okay in this tutorial you will be learning how to do this move:


    Okay Lets get started!

    Step 1
    I'm going to start off with a man running towards a block of... something. BTW credit to markin2d for the stk. I won it in a compotition.

    Step 2
    Okay Now the man's front leg has straightened and the back leg has been pulled down. The arms are brought closer together.

    Step 3
    The man's front leg remains straight, and the back leg doesn't do ver much.
    His back bends and he reaches out with his arms and grabs the table.

    Step 4
    The man has launched himslelf up. The arms are bent as well as the back. His front leg has bent a little bit, and his back leg is up above everything else in a kick.

    Step 5
    His back has moved upwards and forwards a tiny bit, and his back leg is easing to a stop. The front leg is moving upwards for another kick.

    Step 6
    The back moves upwards and forwards even more, and the front leg is moving up even more rapidly. The top leg is easing downwards.

    Step 7
    The back has stopped moving. The front leg has drasticaly moved up, and the other leg has done the opposite.

    Step 8
    The top leg has snapped almost perfecly straight up, and the back of the man has moved down a little. The other leg has moved down towards the ground for a landing.

    Step 9
    The top leg has bent a little and is falling. The bottom leg has fallen more and is going to touch the ground. The whole body has fallen drasticaly.

    Step 10
    The bottom leg has touched the ground, and the top leg is falling more. The mans back is moving upwards a little to com to a stop.

    Final Step
    Just finish your animatoin with the man coming to an easing stop, and you're done!

    Finished Product


    This tutorial is my first, so don't be too critical. Thanks for reading!

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    You should put the move into a context that people can actually use it in... Like maybe him kicking some one?

    I doubt that alot of people are going to want to place an uprise in the center of their animations for one move... Not to be to critical.

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    good tutorial; well explained, but the animation itself is a bit stiff!

    but great tutorial!!
    gratulations for first one
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    Great tutorial, but that move is really unused. >_> It would be better if it were just jumping off the ground, not having to grasp on to something.

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    yeah, this tutorials seems pretty useless. I can't think of any time anyone owuld use it, because he's kicking upwards.
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    Could be useful if like, someone chased him, he ran away, met the ledge, then did that kick in the chasers face, jumped up the ledge and ran of to save time.

    It's pretty useless, since it's only able to be used in so few themes, but else it's pretty good.

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    its a good tutorial, but not many places to use it in... i might use this in a future animation im making though

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    Re: Double Backwards Kick Tutorial (56k warning!)

    Son of a... threads are bumped way to often in tutorials.

    Please watch post dates when posting. A thread older than a week is not to be posted in.


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