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Thread: Frozen's tutorial on making ideas/animating better.

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    Frozen's tutorial on making ideas/animating better.

    I originally posted this at PA, I didn't want to post here because it's made for newcomers to pivot, and people who are still new to most of it. But here it is anyway.
    Warning: This is simply the creation of my mind puking up a bunch of random things

    The biggest problem people have is originality, and coming up with stories.
    I have a certain way of doing things, and it may or may not help you, but might as well give it a shot.

    1st. Originality:
    -Try and make something other than fights.
    -If you've seen a certain thing done over and over, try and find a new way to do it, or just do something completely different.

    2nd. Ideas
    -Is there a scene in a movie that you thought was cool? Think of how you could do something SIMILAR in pivot.
    -A character in a movie or game you liked? Make the character in your animation act like them (They respond to things in a similar manner)
    -Random phrases that give ideas. I can hear a line in a song, and instantly come up with huge complicated stories centered around it. Here are some example phrases that i've heard in songs, movies, games etc. that might give you ideas:
    "Too scared to run."

    "An evening with the devil."

    "We can't hold it back anymore..."

    "The shadows begin to crawl"

    "Nothing seems to phase you"

    "You're much more than just human"

    "Am I alone in here?"

    "I've been walking through your streets"

    "Your prospect of living is gone"

    "Batallions of riot police"

    "You have a plagiarized existence"

    "This place is evil"

    "We will not die this way"

    Now i'm sure those might not give you ideas, and you might be left thinking "Wtf is going on in your mind"
    I'm just saying that I can build a story around any one of those phrases. Stories of all types, not just violent kind

    3rd. Pacing
    -People usually don't understand how to pace their stories. All they do is show a stick running around constantly, and killing things that stand in it's way.
    If you want to make a storyline, picture your idea in a movie. Would the main character constantly be running and shooting laser beams out of his arms? (Unless you're watching some sort of crazy Disney movie <_<)
    Movies include the parts between action, so show your character walking to a meeting, talking on a cell phone, sitting at a table with someone, driving a car somewhere. Don't just have running constantly. You need to have breaks between action so that you can further explain your story.
    So basically...ANIMATE WALKING. And also, humans use many small motions when communicating (Body language)
    If two people are talking, you might make one of them slowly nod his/her head every once in awhile (Don't overdo it, or they will be head banging) Have one lift their arm a bit, or tap their foot.
    -Think about who is watching your story unfold. You have to explain things to them. You don't have to directly say what is going on, just find ways of showing them what is going on.
    The audience doesn't know the story, so you can't just think "I know this is happening, so should they"

    4th. Intros, Climaxes, Endings.
    -Introduce your story in a good way. Grab the audience's attention. Add in things that will leave them thinking "What is this?" And slowly explain it through the story.

    For example, an animation that I was working on a long time ago started out with words on the screen:
    "They come in the dry season..."
    "A few people disappear.."
    "Then it's over...until next year"
    That leaves the audience thinking 'What comes in the dry season, and why is it taking people? Where is it taking people? What happens to them?'

    -Have a Climax that explains things, and pulls all of the loose ends together. Action is the best thing to have in a climax, too.

    -Throw a surprise at them at the end. Have the main character die? Maybe the 'enemy' hasn't really been defeated? Sure those are cliche, but works fine.

    5th. Laziness.
    -My worst enemy. I'm one of the laziest animators I know (No matter what anyone thinks) I try and find quick and easy ways to do things, but I also make those things LOOK like they were complicated.
    -Don't be afraid to add words. Sure it takes awhile, but it is the best way to add into your story. It is really worth it in the end. (And a little tip, use the default alphabet correctly. Use capital first letters, and lower cased letters. We don't want all caps, it's just obnoxious and stupid looking.
    -If something takes a long time, don't just say "Meh, I don't have time for that" Just do a part of it, take a break, and come back later to finish.

    6th. Mood
    -What is the mood of your story? Is it a fast-paced action?
    Is it a comedy?
    Is it a dark and gritty story? Or a sick and twisted story? Is it bright and happy? (Lol@Unicorns)
    -The feel of your story can really make or break it.

    7th. Setting.
    -Where does this story take place? The city? A forest? A dark building?
    You don't have to make filled backgrounds, and all sorts of complicated things. Just make simple little backgrounds that get the point across of where it takes place. Or maybe you want to go all out, and make fills, layers, and depth. It's your choice. I personally hated filled backgrounds, but now i've gotten used to animating on them, and it really pays off.

    I know i'm not the best at explaining things, and this might not work for many of you, but I just thought i'd help some of you out.
    You don't have to do things my way, either. Find your own personal way of doing things

    If this helped any of you, i'd love to hear about it.
    Maybe you can add in your own thoughts and ideas, too?
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    Amazing "tutorial" Frozen. Even though you said this is for newcomers, I think this will help everyone from nublets to elites, me included.

    Really good job on this one.
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    VEry nice. sticky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frodo5280
    VEry nice. sticky?

    Nice tutorial frozen. I was really helpful to me. Those quotes really inspired me. Thanks.
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    Yeah, I was thinking of how I could animate each of those phrases and it gave me great ideas. Only problem is I'm incapable of animating decently atm.

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    Should add to master list but I don't think it needs a sticky. Pretty good for new people to learn.

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    Nice, Frozen. Master list, maybe? That gives me tons of good ideas right there.

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    This was good.

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    That was amazing. I just sat there and read while going "o_o". It opened a whole new world of possibilities for me, it really inspired me! I'm gonna bookmark this tutorial.

    Just amazing.

    If not sticky, then definitely masters list, because this isn't just for newcomers, this can help elites!

    You can also add me on Skype if you want to chat (don't abuse it), I'm "chrozon"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix
    If not sticky, then definitely masters list, because this isn't just for newcomers, this can help elites!
    Yead difinatly master list, if you do guys don't think it should be stickied. This tut helped me and could help vetws and elites.

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