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    Im in advance posting posting

    Shizzles tutorial[How to post a animations on forums]

    I will show you things step by step on how to get a post a animation.I dont know and I dont care if you posted this tutorial..
    Step 1:
    First save your animation as a gif by go to file then save name your animation.....Then right under were you type your animation name in it says save as type.And there will be a down arrow...Click on that then three things will say. Pivot File (*.piv),Gif(*.gif)Lastley Bitmap (*.bmp)
    Click on gif and then save....BTW save the animation on shrink frames by 2 and opistion the top one click on that....
    Step 2:Go to http://www.imageshack.us then go to broswer and go to the file you saved your animation.....Double click it...Then pres open...Then press Host it........Once it loads copy the link at the bottem
    ...Then come back here...... Ngo to animations and crap..Click on new topic....And then enter title.....text what every you gotta say...Then paste your animation......Highlight it...Press Img tags at the top....Or press that URLTag...And press post.....Thats it...Thanks Oh if I forgot stuff tell me.

    Thanks Shizzle
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    There have been numerous Tutorials exactly like this. There was no need to post this it is everywhere. And it is simple knowledge you should know this before or during the first few days that you have pivot. Nice try though.
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    It's hard to read as it's all plain and unspaced, and also it's already been done before...



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