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    100% working animtions upload tut

    100% works
    i got told it's long and hard to do,but after like 2 times u do it quickly
    and it works great
    i'll show u how to
    save and upload your animtions to fourms right.
    it's for the speed 14 on pivot 3
    and middle speed at pivot 2(when u start a new animtion,
    that will be the speed)
    for others how work on lower speeds
    just do the guide without saving as I said,
    save as the defult that the progerm shows.
    ok,I have here for all animtions form.
    first of all,finish ur animtion,now if u have pivot 2
    save like this in GIF formet:

    u can change the 2 into a 1 so the size wont change
    if u use 2 the sige will be 50% of what it is now(recomended)

    if u use pivot 3 beta:
    in pivot 3 do again the same just leave the super sample as it is.
    again u can change the 50% to whatever % u like and
    the size will change,although I recomend to keep it like it is.
    now,save where ever u like.
    now,go to one of these sits:





    pick one(I think imageshack is best,but for it to work really good,
    download the toolbar and upload from it)
    upload like so:

    red:browse the the animtion u saved and double click it
    blue:resize,can be used to change the size of the pic\animtion
    green:dont touch
    yellow:click it if u want to resize ur animtion
    brown:I said dont touch! lolz
    if u dont want to do anything to it
    dont click anything and leave it as it is.
    now u have something like this:

    ok,u just use what u want
    in forums,just copy it all
    (I mean copy what is in:Hotlink for forums (1) or (2))
    now just post it in the forum,and ta da!
    the speed will be normal.
    (u can take the direct link to the animtion
    for your avater)

    that's all
    I hope now pepole wont have problems
    uploading and showing there animtion.
    have fun guys
    hope i helped

    Free Pie Courtesy?

    my first pivot artwork

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    You don't uncheck crop, and set the frame delay to 6. And there are tons of these out there already. But nice try.

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    Well... it was well explained i liked it. but the tutorial section states that if there is already tutorials on the certain tutorial you are making there is no need to make a new tutorial unless it is COMPLETELY Unique and has not been done before. I am not saying this is bad I am just saying it has been done before. ALOT. Well Done still..

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    You should change frame rate to 6, not 7.. and super sample is best at 6.
    You uncheck pallet and leave crop alone. This tutorial has also been done several times, so this tutorial is useless.

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    ahh i'm workin' on speed 14
    but I chacked it alot
    it works great
    plz try it first
    and,maybe u guys work on a diffrent speed.
    so it's not usless cuz it's for diffrent speed
    his tut is for speed 18
    mine is for 14

    Free Pie Courtesy?

    my first pivot artwork

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    Correct me if Im wrong, but when you are hosting, do Direct link and just add the img tags, because the hotlinks links you to imageshack.us.

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    As people have said, it has been done, several times. And please type out things with nice spelling and grammer. Thanks.
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