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    Howesy's never to be finished tut, 56KB Warning I think.

    Welcome To Howesy's Effects Tut


    Start Date: August 3rd

    Hello people, well lately I've been thinking of becoming more active and helping out the community. This is how I'm
    going to do my part =D. This tutorial will include the following:

    1.The Start

    .Make sure you enjoy using pivot
    .Start with your imagination

    2.The Basics

    .Simple Beams

    3.Getting more Advanced

    .Detailed Beams

    4.Advanced Section

    .Power Ups
    .Detailing Methods

    5.Thanks And Credits

    The Start

    This section is basicly an introduction to pivot, it includes some advice on pivot itself, and some on effects.
    It's unlikely this section will help Inters, Vets and Elites, meaning its not vital to read. New comers will find this section most helpfull, so if your new to
    effects or pivot, have a drop by this section.

    Make sure you enjoy Pivot
    Pivot should be something you enjoy, theres no point animating for fame, or to just get elite. 'I hope that when you get promoted to elite you realise what
    a small and pointless step it was.' Bert said in someones thread, which I think is very true. Having fun when animating is very improtant when animating effects
    as they are very time consuming, and require alot of patience. As you should know, I enjoy animating alot, its just one of my hobbies at the moment. The reason
    I enjoy animating so much, is probably the fact that I like watching what I've done, it just kind of makes you want to animate even more. Effects are the key
    to many animations in my opinion, they give animations a boost, if they are performed well. I hope this section helped you understand why it is improtant to
    enjoy Pivot.

    Start With your imagination
    'Imaginating' Is what I call it xD. Be creative when thinking about effects, its all up there when it comes down to animating. Even if you think its too hard
    to animate, heck, have a got at it. Just use your imagination to make your own sticks, think of new ideas and most of all and add them into animations without
    the ideas being too hard. Without imagination and creativity, it will be hard for you to think of new ideas for animations themselves, you just need to put
    your mind to it.

    The Basics

    Well... Let's get on with the tutorial. =P
    Effects can basicly be summed up as patience, depending on how basic the effect(s) are/is. In this section, I'll be going through 2 basic effects, Fading and simple beams.
    This section again will help begginners mostly

    Fading is used alot, fading is basicly, depending on the colour of the backgroung and stick, making a stick fade in or out. I see alot of people that just
    delete the object if they want something to disappear, or just add the object into the animation if they want the stick to reappear.
    Here is an example.

    This just looks down right silly, to anyones eyes, this is why fading comes in handy.

    The second one is obviously the best of the two, if you think the first one is better then... then... yeah whatever.

    Right, here is an easy to follow descreption of how to use fading.

    Frame 1-5: Hit the next frame button a couple of times, your stick should be black, and centered so that it isnt in an awkward position.

    Frame 6: Now, use the colour button, and click on difine custom colours. Make the black slightly darker, but not to light.

    Frame 7: Go back to colours, and select the medium coloured grey.

    Frame 8: Pretty much the same as the last frame, only this time, make the grey lighter.

    Frame 9: Make the stick you are using white, but don't delete it if you want to fade back in.

    If you are looking to fade back in, just basicly reverse the steps, making the stick a light grey, medium grey, then a dark grey and of course black.
    Your result should look something like the example above, if it doesn't, go back and read the descriptions again, you may of missed something out.

    Simple Beams
    Right, this is a more simple beam, I'll be teaching you how to do more advanced beams, ( with more detail )
    later on in this tutorial. This beam is more of a lazer kind of thing, but it still looks quite effective in most
    Frame 1: Chose any setting you want, make sure you know what colour you want your beam to be and were it is going
    hit ( the target ).

    Frame 2:The beam appears from one end of the screen. ( in mine I chose the right hand side )

    Frame 3:The beam now contacts with the target, add tremor for extra effect. Also make the stick size increase by 10.

    Frame 4:The beam size only increases by 5 or so in this frame. Make the stick slightly brighter, but only slightly.

    Frame 5:The colour of my beam is now a medium grey, the stick size also, increases by 2.

    Frame 6:Only increase the stick size by 1 now, so the beam looks like its easing out. Also the beam is now a light grey.

    Frame 7:The same instructions as the frame above, but now, make the grey even lighter.

    Your Result should look something like this:


    Getting More Advanced

    In this section, I'll be showing you some more advanced techniques.

    Particles are used in many effects, such as beams, lightning, water etc. Particles add a more realistic feel to most beams, so here is an example of how to animate particles.

    Basicly, I did not have enough time to finish this, also, its about a month old.
    This was supposed to be some mega effects tutorial, but i just came back to reality and knew i would never be able to really finish it, sorry guys.

    Thanks for checking out,


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    FINISH ITTTTTTTTTTT! This will help tons of people, particularly beginners, it will most likely get master listed. Cmon man!
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    finish it DAMN IT!!!
    It even helped me, cause I can't do crap with effects D:
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    I read it, but it's no use since you only show how to shoot a black tube and make it fade off >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by El.Lobo
    I read it, but it's no use since you only show how to shoot a black tube and make it fade off >_>
    Stfu, I haven't finished it, this was the begginer section, you would know that if you read the whole thing.
    Thanks guys.

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    Actually el lobo is perfectly right to say this is a useless tutorial. Sorry man, it looks great and all but you didn't even do half of it. :P

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    Yeah, all you showed was a blur, so this tuterial isnt good..........for the moment.

    Finish it, over it over a period of time if you're busy, you know, a little each day or somthing.

    Because man, I love your effects and i'm sure this tut would be amazing.

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    I see a beam tutorial and a fading tutorial, these have been done many times. Please, at least finish it.

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    Im in advance posting posting
    Nice tutorial PLEASE ADD ON it helps a little plus make the fade a bit slower
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    Yeah. You taught stuff, that has already been taught... Maybe if you managed some more information, you would have a good tutorial, but this is .. basically a table of content, with no contents.

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