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    Chuck's Spring Tutorial

    A Spring Tutorial By Tyson/Chuck!

    Howdy there neglecterinos, today I'm gonna teach you some pretty basic Spring Movements :3

    We will be using Spring Platform Mark 12(It's just a Spring platform, I wanted it to sound cool t[-.-t]).

    Download it HERE.

    To the Tutorial:

    Frame 1 - Self explanatory really, just place the spring like so with the bottom segment hiding, but you can still see the red dot slightly.

    Frame 2 - What's that coming from the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's none of those, it's Tinyman by lemonAde. Make sure he looks like he's falling and not like he's on his bed asleep, people make that mistake.

    Frame 3 - We have contact! Start bringing all joints of the spring down, and make sure that the platform is horizontal. Have Tinyman's arms and a leg hanging over the edges of the platform, for a bit of realism. Also have one of his legs up a bit, and the foot touching the platform.

    Frame 4- This is where the fun begins, flatten Tinyman's body and bring the spring joints down a bit more, make sure the platform is still in a horizontal position. This technique is known as 'easing'.

    Frame 5 - We'll be implying quite a bit of heavy spacing here, for a realistic effect. Tinyman is no longer touching the platform, and the platform has sprung up and stretched a small amount.

    Frame 6 - Say goodbye to Tinyman, he served us well, and will be remembered. Some more stretching to the spring, make sure the platform doesn't look choppy, move the left side down a fraction.

    Frame 7 - Tinyman has left the building, and were doing some easing(yay easing, Chuck is sexy wexy), and just making sure the platform aint choppy again, about it i guess.

    Frame 8 - The spring is coming back down, pretty fast, so it has some power for the next lurch it makes, which will be in the opposite direction.

    Frame 9 - Spring is almost back into it's original position, platform too, but not for long.

    Frame 10 - Easing is a wonderful thing, ease the spring and platform a little to the right, still going down though,

    Frame 11 - The next lurch has started, keep with the onionskin to prevent choppyness, and lurch the spring to the right and in the upwards direction.

    Frame 12 - Easing easing easing! Easing..

    Frame 13 - We're coming back down again, ready for a little push back to the left, but lets not worry about that yet, follow the onionskin and bring the spring down again.

    Frame 14 - Keep going, not easing, but the spring is slowing down again. Keep on the onionskin guys!

    Frame 15 - Very noticeable easing right there, pushing the spring back to the left again.

    Frame 16 - Up to the left, not very powerful anymore, so there isn't much work to do on this frame.

    Frame 17 - Up-left some more, a little slower, and don't follow the onionskin this time.

    Frame 18 - Back on the onionskin, keep the trail going about 2-3 pixels, but thats all, major easing rocks.

    Frame 19 - Coming back down for the final time, go off the onionskin SLIGHTLY but not too much.

    Frame 20- Some more easing, tilt the platform to the right.

    Frame 21 - Tilt the platform a wee bit more to the right, and bring the spring up 1 or 2 pixels.

    Voila! Your very own spring movements! Now don't you feel proud?

    This is what we will be making. And before you all go at me about how it doesn't loop, forget about it, it wasn't meant to loop.
    And as an extra added feature for all of you, you get DIDDLEY SQUAT!
    No really, here's the piv. file.

    Thanks for this, please comment on my first Tut ever! Thanks!


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    Pretty good tutorial.
    It helped me alot
    cause i don't know how to animate springs

    Mind giving me this funkin' Courtesy?
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    Nice man, Good job
    kinda resembles someone else
    I knows tutorial. Lol,
    but yea man its good,
    descriptions are good and what not.
    Loved the animation you did for it
    and the movements were pretty good.
    Keep it up


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    I like it alot, except that the spring moved a bit too fast imo.
    Nice tut, anyway!

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    This is a very... Comical way to animate springs. I think it'd be cool if you did a more realistic tut also, lol.

    Anyways, will help a lot of people probably, I've seen a lot of gay spring animations.
    I'm gay.

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    This'll help lots of people, post a finished product too in gif form :P But you explained it very well, nice job.

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    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
    omg gret tyson.
    it's really original and i love how someone has finally made one for springs.
    it's good cartoony style.
    i hope u get interz soon. :P
    but yeah anyway i like it. nice job

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    Heh, thanks mate, I'll try and make some more tutorials soon, this is fun, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside[/carebear]

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    That wasnt so bad, you moved the spring nicley, maybe you should eased the physucs a bit more. it all seemed to happen so fast. good job none the less =]

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    Ah, the old school easing, lol.
    Nice and detailed tut mayun. =D
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