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    Scythes Signiture/armoured stickman making guide

    Scythe’s-Creating stick figures WELL tutorial.

    Well, I know what you’re going to say, ‘But nublet, itsh been dun like a bazillion times!!?!’

    Well no not really, the other tutorials I’ve seen explain stuff like how to create stick figures basics. One I read said, ‘get a base and stick armour on the body.’ FULL STOP. Not much use really.

    Now I don’t really want to call this a tutorial, so I will call it a help guide. Mainly because it doesn’t directly SHOW you how to do it.

    Any way:
    First things first, you need a base stick, its best to create you own but if your new to this its better to use someone else’s. There is a base stick section in pivot chat, I’m sure most members would be glad to let you use their base. Just PM them.

    Once you have your base its time to start adding details.
    Make sure your man looks a bit like this. His shins and arms should be facing in front of him

    I always start with the legs and feet, so first, I add a shin guard, its important they are the same length, and try to make them equally far out from the leg. DON’T make it go out too far other wise it just looks bad.

    Do the same with the arms, although don’t make them come as far out from the arm this time, only so its just noticeable. Some people don’t like arm guards so they leave it out.

    Now I bet your thinking,’Yeah but I new dat alredeh!’ I know but it doesant hurt to cover the basics.

    Ok so now here’s the way I do armour…

    its basically a load of lines size 5 that I scribbled/randomly placed which partly go out the boundary’s of the black, I admit I put quite a lot of armour on the legs but its up to you how much you want, just make the armour on each leg different.

    Yes, Its that simple.

    Back armour is even easier:
    All you have to do is draw a sort of half trapezium coming out from the upper back and another smaller right next to it, eeeeessaaaayy!!
    Then for the lower back just add 3 or 4 lines to make it a rough shape to look like padding.

    Now from this character I think he looks like a evil guy , and quite heavily armoured I think he needs a heavy armoured helmet.

    Simply draw with the line tool around the head like I have then at the face, leave a little gamp for the glass of the visor, I added a sort of beak thing cause I decided this guy can fly and is called bird man (creative eh?)

    Tips: I will add when I think of some.

    This Tutorial is to be posted only by Scythe / Josh and only on the following sites:

    please post your creations if you do follow this tutorial
    harrow 0_o

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    This will probably be pretty helpful for some beginning users. You did a good job on it at least, I like how you magnified the character in order to make it more visible.
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    magnified bits were cool.
    that helped a bit, seeing as i am shit at making armoured guise

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    Nice work, it will definitely help beginners. Well explained and good example, but I voted the 3rd option since I knew this stuff D:

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    i guess

    i think it healpd lots o those nublets aroun

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    Lmao, I suck at this, it helped me. Thanks, man.

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    it helped me out a bit, but what i really want to know is...how did you get that red/black pivot? it looks so cool

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