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    Loading the bellenni(2 ways)

    okay first post and first Tut.

    I'm going to show you how to reload the benelli both pump and muzzle load.

    Style 1
    First the Pump

    Create a normal stick man.
    Download the benelli from http://www.droidz.org
    and then make your stick man sit like this(or stand up)

    make the size of the shottie 17.
    1#frame.slight pull on trigger area by moving the elbow joint on the furtherest arm back.

    2#frame. gathering speed by moving back back slightly and by moving gun up slightly.

    3#frame.more recoil and more raise on gun.

    4#frame.start moving gun down and back forward to upright position.

    5#frame.now for the pump.move furtherest forward arm slightly back and raise gun 1 pixel.
    6#frame.move forward hand back to normal position.


    Style 2
    Second the muzzle load

    Complete steps 1-4 as previous.

    5#frame.rotate rifle slightly downwards and backwards.
    6#frame. rotate even more downwards,backwards and then rotate head about 2 pixels down to make him look like hes looking at he gun.
    7#frame.move a arm up towards the barrel as if to drop a shell in there. do this slowly
    8#frame still work on moving up the arm.
    9#frame.move arm at elbow up and down once to imitate dropping a shell.
    bring arm down and raise gun to fire again. ill post the examples here.

    Thx hope this Helps

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    Sorry man, but this didn't really help at all. I don't want to discourage you, but it's not going to help anyone with examples like that. I'd like to see you come back and try again once you become a better animator. Nice try, though.

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    Yeah, I don't think you are quite ready to teach and make tutorials. You still have got a long way to go. Sorry ;(

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    I think it's good. The point of it is loading the gun. Just cause the examples are sorta bad, doesn't make the tutorial bad. You're just supposed to take idea from it.
    Very nice job. Like I said, the examples could be a tad better, the tutorial was great.

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    It's good to see your first post is a tutorial to help people. So good for you : D

    But as the others have said, you're still a begginer, so it's harder to make tuts that will hel a lot of people.

    Good job anyway, when you get better, make more tuts.
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    I think it was quite good.
    The examples werent very good, but you gave us the basic idea, and Look, of how to do it.
    Good job on your first tut.

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    Well nice one man, Your animating skill isn't the greatest but this tutorial isn't very original. Maybe when you have an animating skill of maybe intermediate ? You can try posting this again, or maybe just a Reloading Tutorial in General. Nice Try.
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    thx guys i know im not super at tuts as this is my first but i agree the examples could be better ill fix now>.>

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    Hulk, I know your new but please take the time to read the forum guide to avoid getting banned. According to the rules you just bumped and spammed, avoid doing that please.



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