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    Lol, Just for show

    Jordan13dude's Mega Stickmaking Tutorial

    Check out the more updated droidz thread here

    Took me 5 days to make (including movie) so be nice please.

    Jordan13dude's Mega Stick making tut

    Table of contents

    • Part 1, The basics
    • Getting to know your interface[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Basic Sticks[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    [/*:m:1cmhmg1l][*]Part 2, Detail
    • Armor and clothing[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Hair[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Weapons[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Miscellaneous[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    [/*:m:1cmhmg1l][*]Part 3, Opening your shop
    • Getting started[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Attracting costumers[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Keeping your costumers happy[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • Closing shop[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    [/*:m:1cmhmg1l][*]Part 4, Reflect And Extra info
    • Tips[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • A few things[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]
    • It never hurts to...[/*:m:1cmhmg1l]

    Part 1, The basics
    For this, I will be using pivot 3

    Getting to know your interface

    For a video explaining all of what I'm going to show you. Go here

    Well, to start off, you should go to file>create new figure type:

    Then you should see a window like this:

    Now, lets get things sorted out:

    1. Creates a new line joint. Commonly used for arms and legs. You must add it to either an origin, or a joint. (see 8 & 9)
    2. Creates a new circle joint. Commonly used for heads. You must add it to either an origin, or a joint. (see 8 & 9)
    3. Changes a circle joint to a live joint, and vice versa.
    4. Changes the thickness of a joint. Up for thicker, down for thinner.
    5. Creates a duplicate of the currently selected joint.
    6. Makes a joint static or dynamic. A dynamic stick is moveable while in pivot, while a static stick does not move unless the joint it's attached to does.
    7. Deletes the currently selected joint.
    8. The origin (orange). It is what moves the stick figure around.
    9. Joints (red). They can twist and turn around the origin.
    10. File and options. We will get to that now.

    Ok, so now you need to see what "File" and "Option" do.


    1. Creates a new stick figure project.
    2. You can open a stick figure and edit it, or continue on an unfinished stick figure.
    3. Save your stick figure.
    4. Save your stick figure with a certain name.
    5. Add your stick figure to your current animation. Make sure to save your stick before you do this!
    6. Closes the stick figure builder window.


    1. Undoes the last move made. Eg: "Undo delete," "Undo move."
    2. Changes into and out of edit mode. When in edit mode you will be able to make a stick longer and shorter. Make sure to go out of edit mode when you want to change the stick figure's "pose."

    Basic Sticks
    Making your stick:

    -First, make a joint off of the original.
    -Resize the joints (thicker) and make the upper back shorter then the lower back.
    -Add arms. The upper arm should be shorter then the lower arm.
    -add a neck, and make it really thin.
    -add a head to the neck, crank up the thicknes, and fill in anything left with static lines.
    -add some legs, the lower legs should be longer then the upper legs.
    -(Optional) add some feet, make sure they arent to long.

    Using your stick:
    Look at some tutorials, and animate!

    For a video explaining all of what we just covered. Go here

    We will continue in part 2


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    Re: Jordan13dude's Mega Stickmaking Tutorial

    Well i guess it's okay, I wouldn't use the base looks really bad. It would help some people though.
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    in your refridgerator.......
    that was godly explained and everything but we all know how to make bases
    but great work making it and all
    but try a detailed stick because that would help alot more people
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    Looking forward for it to be updated, the hair and armour should be useful.
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    that tutorial was really nice man
    it helped me some and some
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    Look out the window.
    its ok i guess...

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    wot the?? im under water )=


    nice tut man ..i meen like if a begginner wanted to make a stk
    thn thyd thank u

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    slippery floors are slippery...
    you should always finish the tut first...
    harrow 0_o

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    its a great tutorial, but luckily, i already have most of the basics of stkmaking down ;D

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    Jesus christ you guys, you bumped this twice... omfg.

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