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    3D animation tut, inspired by flying orange

    Well.. .I've always had this in my head, so time to rant my ass off and have no animations to prove. If you'd like to submit one or if you really want me to make one, then just leave a comment. Otherwise, enjoy.

    If you have any suggestions to advance this tutorial, simply post or pm and I'll add it and credit you.

    Oh yeah, this isn't done. I'll keep adding different techniques as I think about 'em.

    1st way.

    First way I could think of mostly.

    This is a first person ordeal with maybe running or something likewise. I'm using running.

    The best way to pull this off is to redraw. You cannot have first person running without redrawing atleast one stick.

    First, have your basic stick man

    Notice that the legs actually are made to be bigger in the front, and smaller in the back.

    That's because when you make the stick, you resize all joints to be 1size bigger than the last one. Make sure you dynamic the first joint of each lim so you can move it in to a better position later.

    Next you can either get away with just moving the leg a little up and then a little more down to kick off the running, and then redraw only 3 times when making the legs go front and back.

    Or you can redraw each stick to match accordingly with the 3D.

    I like the first, so I made this.

    Sorry, i didn't redraw the back or head at all. It's good to make the back curve inward too.

    How I did this was:
    1.) I made the first stick, as you saw up there.
    2.) I eased the first 3 frames of in air float with the same stick
    3.) I lowered the front legs size by 1 per joint. And increased the size of the back leg by 1 for each joint.
    4.) Repeated step 3 and kept moving to follow what it would be.
    5.) I switch the front and back leg.
    6.) I just left that frame to add a slight juttery style. It is running.

    End of 1st way

    2d way

    The second way of 3D is spinning. You can do this 2 ways and still make it look good, but people will surely like it more if you do it the second way.

    1st way of second way is to simply move the joints.
    This is your starting position

    (Listed by frame)
    1.) You start off normal position.
    2.) You then move both arms and legs to one limb's space away, and make the bottom joints half bent. so half of it faces down, half of it is one pixel over facing down.
    3.) Repeat step 2 but make the bottom of the limbs be seperated in the parts this time.
    4.) Make your stick on big line.
    5.) Then just move backwards.

    That's what you'll get if you start in thus postition.

    Although you can change it and make something like this:

    That's with straight limbs. Although it looks a lot better when you move his orange dot too. Look at one of jon's (I think?) animations and he does a midget flying like that.

    Second way, to redraw the sticks and enlarge and stuff.
    This way looks actually good.
    (Listed by frame)
    1.) Make a difference of 2 for each side.
    Meaning, if the middle body is 10, the left side is 8, and the right side is 12.
    2.) Enlarge the right side by 1, decrease the left side by 1, and mov accordingly.
    3.) Repeat step 2.
    4.) Simply flip your stick. Literally, with the button.
    5.) Now make the right side (Now on the left) smaller, and the left side (which is now on the right) bigger, and move accordingly.
    6.) repeat step 5 with a bit of ease.
    7.) repeat step 5 with "total" ease.
    8.) make the stick totally equal. Sorry, I forgot that part in the example below. But it sums it up.

    That's it for now. I'm gettin pretty bored/tired. I'll add more tomorrow or later this morning.
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    Ohhhh helpful.
    I'll try it lata.

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    Looks very rushed and its not very good 3d. Sorry to be harsh but please learn 3D well before you teach others. Good attempt at trying though.
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    not super good 3-D-ness... i think u need to spend some mor time on it

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    good info

    thx ill try it ot later on
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    Re: 3D animation tut, inspired by flying orange

    yep, that helped me very much^^
    Cool tut

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    Re: 3D animation tut, inspired by flying orange

    Thanks for bumping, now we have to lock it.

    Read the rules, you have been warned.


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