Hello! I'm currently setting up a collab for pivot!!!! so far i have 2 participants, Pivot Boom, and Blind-eye.

I am posting here because i need people to join!
-Canvas must be Width:1227 Height:509
-Once your "guy" appears, make your YouTube name or dark-demon username pop up as soon as the entry starts
-You must have at least 2 years of pivot experience for an entry(i can tell whether or not)
-You have to have at least 3 sticks attacking your guy
-Be creative! I know this is a tribute to the defend the diamond by shuriken, but I don't want a bunch of copies! that will make this look bad!
To send your entry Skype me: Dawson_Morrison (Alpha Pic)
send the file there!
i will be posting a trailer for the collab soon!!!
On my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLL...lPSLhWl-z1XOHg
I will post a link to the picture on my channel in the trailer desc