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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    Finally, you'll animate again.
    You're one of my favorites, seeing new stuff will be awesome.
    That newest is pretty shaky, and the foot planted on the ground seemed off.
    But the movements are great, nice work there.
    Let us joint sometime?
    Hit me up with a PM.


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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    OMG this'll be so fun watch a master like you rise up through the ranks all over again. You'll be elites in no time, man. I like the camera movements on the new one, but it's a little shaky.
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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    Hell yes, welcome back Stickid, I was wondering where you were.

    The newest animation is great, the movements were almost flawless. I really like the way you used tremors, and managed to keep quirky camera movements. I did notice that the leg was kind of shaky after the kick. But its good to see an animation from you again, and I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from you, keep it up Stickid

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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    OMG this is so cool!! the best animators of all times are coming back!
    kewl anis stickid.

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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    lolvets already
    there's no such thing as rust
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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    lol, i was like, wth?? stickid in beginners??? you were one of my favorite animators.

    The ani was smooth like all of your others, but it looked shakey, and if you were going for a realistic ani, you probly should of made a real reacting. Its good though, low med inter-high.

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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread


    Stickid, awesome to see you back <3

    Anyway, commenting on you're newest:

    It was nice, but the movements seemed too wobbly, not to be mistaken for shaky, as in the limbs carelessly flopped around everywhere. I don't see how he balanced in the position he was in, and it would look a lot more realistic if, when he kicked, fell forwards with his front leg, if you know what I'm talking about. Despite that, you're just getting you're skills back, but you won't get inters with a short animation such as that, us staff have been quite strict with the fact that we are not letting people move up ranks with short tests, so I advise you to do something long, and awesome.

    I'd love to start that joint you promised when I purchased you're VIP, so whenever you're ready, just hit me up on PM

    - Aerial.

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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Deltuh
    I thought you said to werez this was stupid and he was wanting attention, now noones licking your ass YOUR doing it for attention.
    your a pathetic hypocrite, honestly grow some balls.
    Way to earn your self disrespect, especially for a new member.

    Honestly, besides Gameslave and Picto, you were my favourite animator. I was waiting for you to start up again.
    About the animation: I really liked it. It was really smooth and fluent, and there was hardly any stiffness at all. Also, I think it was really good how you moved every joint on every single frame and used dynamic camera to further eliminate stiffness. However, one thing bugged me. Once the other guy started spinning, his point of origin appeared to have stayed in the some spot, even while the dynamic camera was going. Also, when the kicker retracted his leg, it snapped back into place, which disrupted the smooth feeling of the animation. But I really liked the floppiness of the kicking figure, but it needs to be controlled, because, as others above me have said, it looked a tad wobbly. But overall, if was really good. Keep up the good work, Stickid, and you should be out of the beginner's hall again soon.

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    Re: stickid's NEW Thread

    YAY you animate Again !

    your newst animation was great but the arms are a bit wierd movin in some parts

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