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    Gimp problems...

    Well, when I open gimp, its missing something, I cant really explain, but here is a screen: http://www.filepact.com/files/gimp-problems.bmp I already re-installed it many times but It dont work. If anybody have a solution, please tell me.

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    I don't use gimp, but I could assume a few things -
    • 1. There isn't meant to be something there. I don't know if you've had gimp before, and it was there or something, but that could be it.[/*:m:3s0s2dwz]
    • 2. An update of gimp maybe caused it to be placed somewhere else? [/*:m:3s0s2dwz]
    • 3. Maybe the window is set off. I'd check to see if there is a window tab or something at the top, that enabled whatever was there. You could probably dock it on, like other windows allow.[/*:m:3s0s2dwz]

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    You are looking for layers, yes?
    Go to file - windows / something else, like dialog or something - Layers.
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