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Thread: Warhawk

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    Well, more PS3 problems for me. -.-...Well, I bought warhawk yesterday right? Well, I tried it last night, and it didn't work, so I just gave up on it and started again just now. After I turn on the PS3 and it goes to warhawk, it does the whole 'Playstation 3' Thing and then has that little white rectangle flash thing, and then stays black.

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    I don't know much about PS3s in particular, but it's possible there's something wrong with the disk. Is it scratched or dirty?

    If it's not scratched, and other games work fine, it's probably something faulty with the disk it's self, so you might want to return it if you can.

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    Alot of games for all systems seem to have faultys latley, My friend got a faulty super mario galaxy, and my other friend got a faulty forza motosport 2. Weird.
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