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Thread: pack help

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    pack help

    yea so im making a base stk pack that people can download them

    i want to show them and if they want to thay can download it

    can someone halp me ?
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    What do you need help with?

    If you need help packaging them in one downloadable file, stick em in either a .zip or a .rar file.

    If you're using windows -
    • Put all of your base sticks into a folder. Name the folder something appropriate.
      Right click the folder
      Hover over 'Send to'
      Click 'compressed (zipped) folder'
      It'll send the files to a .zip file. Most upload sites take .zip files as a single file.
      Upload, and link people to the .zip. The .zip can be extracted (Either by the windows extractor or a program like 7-zip) and the .stk files inside will remain intact.
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