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    Whole load of questions lol

    Ok heres my questions(if im in the wrong place tell me!)

    What the hell is stifness?

    What the hell is choppyness?

    How do you download stuff from megadownload?

    How can I tell what rank I am?

    What makes a good effects?
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    Re: Whole load of questions lol

    Stiffness is when you forget to move a joint, and it seems to remain 'stiff'. It makes animations look bad, so remember to move every joint during every frame.

    I think choppyness is when an animation looks...well....choppy. If an arm is twitching when it should be bending, it's choppy. (Not too sure, I haven't animated in ages)

    To download stuff from megadownload, type in the 3 letter code into the field near the upper right.
    It looks kinda like a search bar, so that's what confused me to begin with.
    Then, wait 45 seconds (It won't let you download immediately) then click 'free download'.

    As for rank, it depends on point of view. It's the general consensus of the masses. In other words, if most of the experienced people think you are a certain rank, you probably are.

    Good effects vary. Some people use relatively simple techniques to create dazzling effects, while others use incredibly complex techniques to create effects that are absolutely stunning.
    It really depends on what look you're going for, and how much effort you are willing to put into it. See some tutorials for specifics on effects.
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