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Thread: HELP..

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    im new to this site so can someone explain what those videos people have when they post and those pictures and stuff...if so thank you....

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    The videos that people post are animated gifs, I believe. You can save your pivots as gifs if you didn't know.

    You can save them as gifs by:
    - Go to "Save Animation".
    - Name your animation, and in the bar below it that says "Save as Type", click the black arrow to the right of it and select ".gif".
    - Click Ok, and put the frame delay to 6. Uncheck merge.
    - Save it.

    That's for pivot v2.
    You didn't mention you used pivot, but if you do, hope that helps a bit.

    They can post their animated gifs and images by using image tags.

    This is an image tag: (the green text vv)
    You place the link (url) of your image in between those tags, and it will display the image.

    This is the link to the 1st image in my signature:
    http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p311 ... inoteS.png

    This is the same link put in between the image tags:

    I hope this helps you understand this site a bit more.


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