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Thread: Flash hosting

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    Flash hosting

    I have a flash site (scretz yas) and I need to host but will probably be quite a big bandwidth user because of mp3 media (something beginning with a P, not saying more.) being quite large and will be updated on a regular basis, and I need to find a site to host the flash (not swfup or swfcabin or anything, somewhere without ads or limited file size) somewhere around a gb allowed of space. No worry about domain, I can easily change that.

    To sum up, a place with a lot of bandwidth allowed for use to host a flash site without ads.

    A shot in the dark, but worth a try.

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    I'm not sure really. I know you can put sites on http://www.pages.google.com

    It's how I had put up my flash site, until I shut the site down. And, it has 1GB of space I believe.

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    Yeah, pages.google would be your best bet if you want something free. Just write up an HTML page to hold your SWF and link to that instead of using the built-in page creator.


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