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Thread: BBCode Problem!

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    BBCode Problem!

    I'm having a problem with my BBCode, that won't allow me to add ANY code whatsoever to my posts in my thread.

    When I checked all my user preferences everything checked out and BBCode was ON. However when I tried to add an animation to my thread the post simply said on the bottom left that BBCode was OFF.

    Why is this? I seem to be able to add BBCode to my other posts, like this one for example.

    And all my existing Codes from my previous posts are fine. But when I edit them it removes the functions of the Code.

    EDIT: It seems trgg has the same problem I do

    His description is exactly what I'm going though, only the check box is fine for BBCode for me.
    It simply says on my thread that BBCode is turned OFF, even though my preferences are correct.

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    Re: BBCode Problem!

    That's quite weird and sounds like a bug / glitch.

    Remember, transitioning phpbb2 to phpbb3 won't be perfect. Adam will probably investigate this problem if other people seem to notice it too.

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    Re: BBCode Problem!

    When I edit your post, it had the box checked. I unchecked it, and it worked.
    I will go compare your account preferances to another person, to see what is different.

    EDIT: Nope, nothing. Just make sure the box is unchecked.
    EDITEDIT: Oh yeah, moved.
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