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    Just a little guidence would be very helpfull

    Hey guys, Todd here.. just wondering if I could borrow your advice for my own despair please?
    Heh, Thanks.
    Right then, wheeere to start?.. Hmm, well,
    Let us get to the base of the problem, This girl I've fallen for isn't prepared to give me a shot, and I'm okay with that.
    It's just, the harder I try to get over her the more it backfires right into my face.. the only way I can explain it is when she isn't around my heart feels normal, I feel normal.
    However, when she's near me, talking to me, looking at me or even just walking by somewhere I feel a huge grasp onto my heart weighing me down to the point where I feel I still have love-relationship-type feelings for her again.
    Basically the progress I make after a long time tyring to get over her, it's all wasted by the simple fact of seeing her. I know for a fact this is not love at all, there's a thin line between love and lust and I'm still young (14) so what the fuck should I know of love?

    She knows I keep getting refilled with the feelings I just can't seem to shake off and has said to my cousen that "She feels horrible with herself because she wants me to move on and get on with life"
    It's obviously my own fault but I cannot seem to rid of it.
    And it's coming to the point where if I continue having feelings for her as a lover then she wont accept a friendship for my own good.
    Now this is where I'm point-blank fucked.

    If anyone would please give me any advice on how to get over her or sort myself out this would be much appreciated and I thank you.
    P.S. This girl has been the first one on my head for the best of Three years now, talk about messed up.

    Todd S.

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    Re: Just a little guidence would be very helpfull

    Once again: you're asking for love advice on a forum full of teenagers to animate stick figures. What are you thinking?


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