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    question to a EXPERT (ELITE PIVOTER)

    i saw some guy l.wski.. his stick has lots of points to move at the back.
    he has to move them all each frame.and jon's stick is hard to use. so my question is do you spent some time on each frame??how much about???

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    Re: question to a EXPERT (ELITE PIVOTER)

    It makes no matter whether it's an elite or not, and L.wski is an intermediate. It depends how long they spend on a frame as to what is in that frame. Added back joints mean more flexibility, so more back joints often results in a less stiff back.

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    Re: question to a EXPERT (ELITE PIVOTER)

    You don't have a set time on each frame. The number of back joint won't effect it as much as scrolling backgrounds or large amounts of sticks.

    Some frames could take a lot of time as others can rush by. And then you can go back and spend more time editing to make it look good together.


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