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    explosion problem new york 2148

    http://www.vpx.pl/up/20080405/1726359fa ... e84267.gif

    this is my next failed animation....
    for 1 hour i've trying to work out about jon's animation new york 2148 and in this animation he made nice explosions( i like the one when the guy jumped with this thing which shot granades and it hit the wall and this thing explodes and the explosion looks so nice...)

    so about explosions in new york 2148 what's main point of them and if someone has piv or gif of new york 2148 or part of it whch has explosion plz give it to me i have big problems with explosions ( i want to do explosions myself)

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    Re: explosion problem new york 2148

    Only Jon and Bert have Newyork 2148 .piv, and they're not gonna give it to you. Just look in the tutorials section, and look in the masterlist, there are a couple of explosion tutorials there.

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    Re: explosion problem new york 2148

    I doubt Jon nor Bert have the pivot file for New York 2148, so don't even ask.
    Just make your own sticks, or go to droidz and get some common ones.
    There are a few tutorials about explosions, might try that.
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