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    Beginner having a few problems!

    ok im new to pivot. i had pivot 2.2.5. when ever i tried to put an animation from droidz.org it would say like this version of pivot doesnt support this .stks file or something similar to that. What should i do? is this not the latest version? I downloaded Pivot 3 and everything works fine on it. i have had no problems yet. yet all i hear about is people using pivot 2.2.5.
    thanks in advanced!

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    Re: Beginner having a few problems!

    pivot three sticks don't work in pivot two, simple as really.

    also moved to help incase you want more info on the subject.

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    Re: Beginner having a few problems!

    Pivot 3 Beta uses stks created in pivot2.2.3 and obviously beta, however pivot 2.2.5 can't use pivot 3 beta stks. The reason people perfer Pivot 2 is it has next to no bugs compared to pivot 3 beta which has a record amount of bugs.


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